solidarity forever

In my job, integrity is about rewarding everyday working people who execute at a high level.


Lifelong commitment

Here I am with union-made giveaway items from my visit to the Union Industries Show, 2002

As a union member, I wear the Local 600 logo with pride. People always remember me on set because I'm the person who wears as much union-made gear as I can. I often wear layers of union logos. I have hats, shirts, jackets and stickers everywhere. Everything I wear is made in the USA, and most of it is union-made. I believe in people receiving fair wages while they work in a safe work environment that lets them be humans and not just laborers.

I come from a network of union supporters in my family, from public school teachers to members of NALC and AFSCME. As an IATSE member, I get to exhibit the values that make me who I am. I am a proud member of the International Cinematographer's Guild (ICG), Local 600; I am active in the union community and an ardent trade unionism supporter. When I'm not on set, you'll find me at union meetings or networking with my sisters and brothers of IATSE.


It's heredi-solidarity

My mother (left) and aunt (right) showing solidarity as postal employees, 1990


working class pride

Union seals and union bugs, two of my favorite creatures

When I can, I choose to support domestic manufacturing and the innovation of my colleagues. A few items in my tool arsenal are made by my peers locally in Los Angeles, and I couldn't be more proud to support them by using their products in my daily work. Beyond made in USA, if I can obtain job-related items that are fabricated by union labor, I always try to support my union sisters and brothers as an ongoing act of solidarity. It's who I am.