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DIT-inspired AKS to colorize your life on set


Chromaticity was born out of the earnest passion to fabricate physical objects that enhance our lives on set. It’s the marriage of creativity and CAD. Just like on screen, color on set means a lot, and Chromaticity allows film crews to color code and optimize workflows thanks to custom-tailored solutions and rapid prototyping. Whether you have an idea that’s specific to your cart, made for your current show or just want a unique wrap gift, Chromaticity can partner with you to make it happen. For consulting and commission work, please contact:

All products are designed and 3D printed in Los Angeles, California using made in USA materials. Custom colors and materials are available upon request.

Wheel Brake Tags (Pair)

Wheel Brake Tags (Pair)


Carts can sometimes be afraid of the dark and they roll away before you can catch them… but hopefully these glow-in-the-dark brake tags can help prevent that. They’re color coded with stop and go symbols for daylight use as well.

Comes as a pair of one go and one stop tag. Adhesive not included.

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