simple by design

It's not your average DIT cart.


Most people: Pile things onto a cart. Let the cables dangle. Disregard colors, form, layout and physical organization. If it works, go with it.

Me: Do the opposite of most people.

Building on my passion for my craft, I believe the design and visual appearance of my cart speak to my abilities as a DIT. I pride myself in having a clean cart, with a place where each item belongs—a cart that isn't just slapped together and wheeled onto a stage. I use color coding, organizational tools and a sense of aesthetic to ensure my cart stands out from the rest.


DP's have their own space for their belongings. The cart is portable, and has solutions for getting into tight spaces without hassle. Everything from power to cable management to durability and cooling have been considered, with hours put into researching each one. It's a place where I work every day, and one that deserves ample care and design respect; I don't take it lightly.