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About sam petroV, that funny dit


(If you’re looking for my quick and dirty history, the bold section below will be your friend.)

The first thing you should know about me is I believe talking about myself in third person or referring to myself as “Mr. Petrov” is much too formal for our purposes. You are a production person. I’m a production person. We’re on a first-name basis because we’re a team having a good time while also being productive.

Editing has been a part of my life since middle school. I started with theme song parodies that starred my secondary school teachers and soon thereafter began freelancing as a local videographer in my home of Minneapolis, Minnesota. After covering events like school board meetings and high school graduations, I began working in the filmic realm with short films and comedy sketches. I also worked on commercials during this time, with brands like Adidas and Google. My origins are in postproduction, specifically in editorial and the color grading suite, followed by a period in camera department.

With all these skills, DIT was a natural transition. Becoming a DIT was really about choosing a role that allows me to share my skills and support my team in the most appropriate role considering my skill set. With experience in editing, color grading and camera work, I truly understand how I can help optimize the production workflow.

So besides production roles, what else makes me passionate about DIT work? I have always had a passion for organization and technology. I am a life-long learner and geek, a perfect combination for the ever-evolving role of DIT. I worked in IT and at Apple in the past. I have a creative side, too, which allows me to relate to everybody on set striving to create a stellar mise-en-scène.

DIT’s are typically a serious data-driven OCD breed, and while that description is true for me, I am also lighthearted and interested in making sure production is an enjoyable undertaking. Long days need to be undergirded by lightheartedness while also being productive. The Sam Petrov “LOL” branding is one way I keep the DIT world scintillating.

If you have questions or would like to meet over coffee to discuss future work, please reach out. I am on all the major social media platforms and am platform-agnostic, so whether you use Facebook Messenger or texting, I am available to discuss your upcoming project.

With utmost sincerity,

Sam Petrov
ICG Local 600 | DIT